Your brand's interface to sustainability.

The simplest way to implement Extended Producer Responsibility into your brand by collecting, reporting and recycling your brand’s package waste.

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Elevate your brand’s green commitment

Marimari Trace is able to collect and recycle your brand’s waste at a large scale by utilizing our responsible partner network servicing residential, retail and commercial areas. We provide a detailed report, supported by photographic evidence to showcase your brand's sustainability effort. Strengthen your sustainability narrative with tangible evidence, and let your brand shine as a leader in environmental responsibility.

Step 1.
Trace your brand’s packaging within our collection network

We'll collect and sort for your brand’s packaging through our network of residential and waste collectors.

Step 2.
Track the amount collected and take photographic evidence

We'll weigh each of your brand’s products and provide photographic evidence of the work done.

Step 3.
Report your brand’s package waste emissions and recycle data

We'll provide a digital Traceability Report including collection weight, carbon emissions and recycling data.

Currently servicing Greater Jakarta Area (Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi)

Made possible with our hand-picked network of responsible partners

Sustainability Partners
recycling facilities
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our vision

It’s everyone’s personal mission to be green every day.

Indonesia is the second-largest plastic polluter in the world after China. The country produces 3.2 million tonnes of unmanaged plastic waste a year, of which about 1.29 million tonnes ends up in the sea.

At Marimari, we believe to truly clean up Indonesia we need everyone’s support to recycle their waste. That’s why we’ve developed a trusted system that makes it easy for you to sort your waste and ensure that it does not end up in landfill.

We believe that making a positive impact should be simple ensuring that every action contributes to a more responsible and sustainable future.

Elevate your brand's sustainability

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